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Making Meat in Africa.

A new place for braaivleis!

Mzansi is a word understood by all but its meaning cuts a little deeper. It’s that place in your mind when you’re coming home for the first time in ages, the smell of the braai that brings you back to childhood, or that spirit of togetherness you feel in your core. We’re here to bring that magic of Mzansi to life through delicious, homegrown meat.

We’ve always had a thing for meat. It’s easy to see why – meat goes with all occasions and brings us together to make moments more flavourful. It’s also a rich form of protein loved by cultures the world over. The journey from the source to our plate however, comes at a cost. That’s where Mzansi Meat Co. was born – out of a relentless pursuit to reimagine our food systems and the way we make meat. We’re bringing healthy, accessible and affordable meat to your braais, potjies and shisa nyamas by growing it from cells, without harming animals.

We like to keep it real just like the meat we make.

Check out how we do it.

Our process starts with a visit to our local farm animal sanctuary where our donor animals are living their best life, in peace. Our registered state veterinarian removes tiny tissue cells from the animal with as little harm as possible. Once the cells are harvested, a sample is placed in a nutrient-rich transport medium and taken to our lab where we isolate the cells and grow them in a culture medium. This is a special type of food containing vitamins, salts and proteins that the cells need to develop and divide. Once we have enough cells, we place them on an edible structure and after adding a few additional spices and flavours, our meat is ready to be dished up and enjoyed.

Why cultivated meat?

When we look at the data it’s clear to see that conventional meat as an industry and as a protein has run its course – it’s peaked in terms of efficiency and output and we simply can’t sustain it. Cultivated meat has the potential to lighten the load and by using science we can achieve that same great taste we all love.

Replenish our earth

As an organisation we’re here to impact food systems positively by giving the environment a much needed break. Cultivated meat has the potential to counter the impact of intensive agriculture by using considerably less land and water, making production less costly. We’ve found a way to continue eating what we love without harming the earth. After all, why look for alternatives when you can have the real thing?

Regain our health

Our team has developed a way to make real meat with less fat that doesn’t compromise on taste. One. Little. Bit. Meat with more nutrients and a sustainable production process? Welcome to the future of meat culture.

Reimagine our food systems

How can we make a real difference in our food systems? That was the question that inspired us to start Mzansi Meat Co. Bringing cultivated meat to the African continent means we can positively impact food systems and contribute towards long-term food security. If you aren’t down with the system then why join? That’s why we’ve created a brand new eco-system built on a harm-free philosophy

Why Mzansi?

Real Meat #MadeLekker! 

Here’s what sets us apart from the current meat paradigm.

Biology Driving Progress

How do we retrieve biopsy from animals? We use harm-free methods that reduce stress levels by ensuring animals live out their lives in peace. This means a happier, healthier life in a spacious environment. Yes– feel good meat is a thing and we’ve coined it.

Engineering Innovation

The braai is an important part of South African life so when it comes to meat we want the real thing, without compromise. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to bring you the traditional tastes and textures we love, without the harm. Cultivated meat – that’s how.

A Harm-Free Philosophy

We’re driven by a desire to help change food systems and we’re always guided by science. Since we’re setting the narrative in Africa, it’s important we’re transparent about how we do things. Here’s to setting the standard for responsible cellular agriculture practices and sustainably produced cultivated meat in Africa.

Meet the team

Brett Thompson

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Brett is an avid entrepreneur and is also the co-creator of Discourse ZA, and the co-founder of Credence Institute. He has worked in alternative protein and animal advocacy for more than a decade in South Africa and Germany. He is constantly interested in the way we eat and how we can use innovation to drive better food systems.

Pieter Labuschagne

Junior Scientist

Pieter is an MSc Biotechnology graduate at Stellenbosch University, whose research focussed on maximising the fermentation performance of a novel wine yeast strain. He progressed to working as the lead biotechnology consultant for a high acidity organic vinegar production project. Pieter is an ambitious thinker who relishes the challenges of understanding and improving the world we live in

Absie Pantshwa

Head of Taste

Absie is a serial entrepreneur and expert customer liaison. She is the Co-Founder of Fresh Corporation who's group of companies provides next level events and catering services to top-tier companies. Absie has extensive experience in food service, restaurant ownership and guest logistics in Southern Africa.

Elanda Relling-Snyman

Junior Scientist

Elanda has an MSc in steroid biochemistry at Stellenbosch University. Her work focussed on the effects of novel androgens (11-oxygenated androgens) in hormone-driven disease states in women. She has advanced experience in tissue culture with mammalian cell lines, and molecular techniques such as qPCR.

Dr. Kyle Naylor

Senior Scientist

Kyle has a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Cape Town. He has experience with yeast protein expression as well as mammalian cell culture techniques. Kyle is mission-driven and wants to use science to develop food security solutions.

Dr. Wade Edwards

R&D Director

Wade has over 20 years of experience in biotech. His expertise is in the technical components required to develop custom bioreactors that are efficient, scalable, and highly cost-effective. His specialisation is in driving entrepreneurial commercialization on ‘bench-to-market’ of Life Sciences ventures.

Tasneem Karodia

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

Tasneem is a qualified Chartered Accountant. She has extensive experience in strategy and performance improvements across a variety of industries. She has a love for flying aeroplanes, rock climbing and changing the world by changing our food systems here in Africa.

Hungry for more?

Contact us:  hello@mzansimeat.co 

Mzansi Meat Co.

We're on a mission to reinvent how we think about food, for the benefit of our planet, our health and the lives of animals.